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IKEA Foundation is our largest global corporate partner. We have been partners with IKEA since 1994 and have together developed the IKEA Code of Conduct to prevent child labour in the supply chain. Through IKEA Foundation-funded programs, Save the Children has touched the lives of some 10 million children.

Save the Children and the IKEA Foundation (the philanthropic arm of IKEA and a registered Dutch charity) work together to actualise children's rights to a healthy and secure childhood with access to quality education. By listening to and learning from children, we develop long-term projects that empower communities to create a better everyday life for children.

 Alexandra Bacescu-Davis / Save the Children

The Partnership

The shared values of IKEA/IKEA Foundation and Save the Children create a good foundation for a long term strategic partnership enabling us to create added value for each other. The global partnership between Save the Children and IKEA/IKEA Foundation aims to promote activities driving sustainable business operations and through the entire value chain, and aims to maximise both business value and social impact. With support from IKEA and the IKEA Foundation Save the Children implements programs in middle- and low income countries as well as high income countries. IKEA acted as part of the Reference Group in the development of The Children’s Rights and Business Principles, launched by the UN Global Compact, UNICEF and Save the Children, in March 2012.


Achievements for children

Save the Children’s child rights programmes in India and Pakistan, funded by the IKEA Foundation, aim to improve the lives of children in cotton growing districts by protecting them from hazardous forms of child labour, abuse, violence, exploitation and neglect. We make tremendous efforts to fight the root causes of child labour and strengthen children’s rights in the cotton communities so we can keep children safe, out of factories and cotton fields, and in classrooms where they can learn, play and develop.

We are quickly and efficiently helping children whose communities are struck by disasters or conflict. At the onset of an emergency, the IKEA Foundation guarantees a decision 24 hours after receiving a funding application from Save the Children. This enables Save the Children to be fast, flexible and efficient when deploying humanitarian experts to the field and save lives, alleviate suffering and restore dignity of affected children and their families.

Save the Children is dedicated to increasing the capacity of the humanitarian sector and does this through its Humanitarian Leadership Programme. The IKEA Foundation is supporting Save the Children to expand the Humanitarian Operations programme into French Speaking countries, as well as develop and initiate training programmes in Education and Child Protection in Emergencies.

We have reached 1 million children directly in 17 countries in Asia and Europe thanks to the Soft Toys for Education campaign. The campaign that ran from 2003 to 2015, aimed to improve the education of the most disadvantaged children, recognising that education is one of the best investments for them. Save the Children programmes focused on children of ethnic minority groups and children with disabilities – groups which are often the most vulnerable.

Our work together continues in the new Let’s Play for Change campaign IKEA launched this year.


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Building a stronger global humanitarian capacity

RISE – Remote Capacity Strengthening in Syria For Better Child Protection – IKEA Foundation in partnership with Save the Children

Let’s Play for Change – IKEA Foundations new campaign. Read about Save the Children’s programmes in Ethiopia and Bangladesh.

For more information about the IKEA Foundation, visit www.ikeafoundation.org



Together with Save the Children we are helping children all over the world break the cycle of poverty and build a brighter future for themselves and their families.

Per Heggenes, CEO, IKEA Foundation


Achieving sustainable and large scale changes in society can only be done through collaboration between sectors. The collaboration between Save the Childrne and the IKEA Group spans over two decades and we are proud and honoured to work together with such a dedicated partner as the IKEA Foundation.

Elisabeth Dahlin, Secretary General Save the Children Sweden
and Chairperson Global Lead Agency for the IKEA Foundation Collaboration




For more information, please contact Suzanne Standfast, Global PR & Communications Manager, Save the Children – IKEA Foundation Collaboration (email: suzanne.standfast@rb.se).

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