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Three partners, one vision.

In 2015, Save the Children formed a global partnership with C&A and C&A Foundation with the vision of achieving the extraordinary for children and families.

Founded in 1841, C&A has become one of the world's largest fashion retailers offering affordable fashion for the whole family. C&A Foundation is a corporate foundation that shares the same heritage and values as C&A. It supports initiatives to transform the apparel industry, as well as initiatives to strengthen communities all over the world, aiming to improve lives and livelihoods wherever C&A operates.

C&A Foundation contributes over €3 million ($3.5 million) to this partnership annually.

Our Programmatic Work.

The global partnership targets two focus areas:

  1. Emergency response: Our humanitarian relief activities provide fast and life-saving aid in the aftermath of disasters. Thanks to the contributions from C&A Foundation, we have responded to over 35 emergencies since 2015 and will continue to do so.
  2. Urban resilience building: With our resilience-building projects in urban contexts in Bangladesh, Brazil, China, India and Mexico, we increased the ability of over 130,000 children and their families to withstand and recover from stresses and shocks. During 2018-2023, we aim to increase the capacities and preparedness in disaster risk reduction for around 185,000 additional people.

Children's Emergency Fund

One new aspect of our partnership is the Swiss Children's Emergency Fund, co-founded by C&A Foundation, which donors can contribute to in advance of an emergency. This allows us to quickly respond to an emergency (within 48 hours), which in turn helps us save lives and alleviate suffering.

Customer and Employee Engagement.

In addition to the yearly funding, C&A engages its employees and customers to create a broad movement advocating for children's rights. Throughout C&A's stores in Europe and Mexico, customers learn about our partnership, purchase products that trigger a donation, and make financial contributions to our work at the register.

Right from the beginning of the partnership in 2015, C&A provided the opportunity for its employees to be actively engaged in campaigning for children's rights. This includes field trips to supported projects and yearly fundraising campaigns. When crises strike, C&A employees can also use an online emergency fundraising tool to support Save the Children's humanitarian relief activities, like our work in Mexico after the devastating earthquakes in 2017.