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Johnson & Johnson has been a long-time partner of Save the Children. Our shared vision is a world where no child dies from preventable causes and every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential. Johnson & Johnson and Save the Children are working side by side throughout the world, building the resiliency of children through innovative approaches to health and development, while serving as a leading voice for those who need it the most.

Building on a strong relationship of more than two decades, in the fall of 2014, Johnson & Johnson announced an ambitious commitment to improve the survival and healthy development of children under age five, especially newborns. In 2018, Johnson & Johnson and Save the Children launched the renewal of this bold pledge, building on historic successes and leveraging each other's expertise, reach and influence to affect future generations, wherever they may live.

Working side by side throughout the world.

When natural disasters devastate local communities, Johnson & Johnson partners with Save the Children to respond to the needs of affected children. Their support enhances Save the Children's capacity to improve the resiliency of children, as well as provides immediate relief via Johnson & Johnson product and hygiene kits.

We are also increasing effective coverage of high-impact newborn interventions by strengthening essential newborn care and the management of birth asphyxia, preterm births and sick newborns. Our approach has seen measurable results in Malawi, Uganda, Ethiopia and Nigeria, where it has effectively reduced newborn deaths.

Johnson & Johnson businesses around the world engage with Save the Children offices at a local level. Strategic investments in the Philippines, Egypt, Europe, and the Middle East demonstrate Johnson & Johnson's support of maternal and child health, early childhood development, psychosocial support for refugees, as well as humanitarian emergency responses.


Mission Support, Advocacy and Innovation.

Johnson & Johnson recognises that organisations often need financial flexibility to reach strategic milestones and deliver impactful programmes. As a trusted partner, Save the Children receives significant support from Johnson & Johnson to invest annually in the critical services provided to children worldwide. This includes the underwriting of Save the Children’s annual Illumination Gala; engaging consumers by offering a one-to-one match to purchases from the Save the Children Gifts of Joy Catalog, doubling the impact of donations; and so much more.

Together, Save the Children and Johnson & Johnson often share a public stage to bring real-life successes and learnings to global audiences – from health practitioners and midwives, to media influencers and consumers. We also combine forces to amplify our shared voice on key causes that we care about through joint opinion pieces and panel discussions during moments such as the Advocacy Summit. 

Engaging Consumers and Employees.

Johnson & Johnson and Save the Children recognise the inherent link between the values of J&J consumers and Save the Children supporters. Their shared values have driven innovative media partnerships such as the Human Kind campaign on Facebook, and cause marketing campaigns to help consumers connect their everyday experiences to a powerful cause such as ‘Donate a Photo’ causes, which allow consumers to donate a personal photo and trigger a donation to Save the Children. Johnson & Johnson employees also continue to be strong supporters of Save the Children’s work, whether by writing letters to children or by engaging in exercise competitions honouring Save the Children as the beneficiary.