Merlin is joining Save the Children

Tuesday 16 July 2013

International health charity Merlin is joining Save the Children to create a world-class humanitarian health force for children and their families living in some of the toughest places in the world.

By combining Merlin’s unique network of frontline health workers with our life-saving work in over 120 countries, we will be able to help more children affected by disaster or conflict.

Why is this happening?

Merlin and Save the Children have responded to many different crises across the world together and there has always been mutual admiration between the two organisations. Now there’s a shared recognition of the huge potential of combining our efforts.

We’ve worked alongside one another since Merlin was founded 20 years ago. While there have always been differences in scale and breadth of programming, our shared values and a commitment to helping those in extreme need make this a natural fit that will help save more lives.

Why now?

Merlin approached us to explore the possibility of joining Save the Children to create a world-class humanitarian health force combining the expertise of both organisations.

We welcomed this opportunity to extend our ambitious humanitarian and health programmes and significantly expand and deepen our frontline health capabilities for children and their families.

Merlin’s strategic plan for 2012-15 was always to enter into partnerships to help achieve the goal of expanding its reach and providing medical support and assistance to countries where they have never previously been able to work.

This is an opportunity for Merlin to see its work continue and create a sustainable future for the organisation in a tough external environment for smaller charities.

Merlin’s new trustees will work closely with Save the Children. A transition team is being formed which will work with Merlin to develop a plan over the next few months. During this time Merlin’s life-saving work for children and their families around the world will continue. 

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