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Situation for mothers and children

No one knows when the next earthquake, flood or tsunami will strike. But we do know children and especially their mothers are severely affected by natural disasters. They also suffer greatly during conflict, drought and disease outbreaks.

That’s why Save the Children is prepared to help protect vulnerable boys and girls and their mothers during disasters and their aftermath. We also support families’ needs throughout ongoing, complex emergencies.

When disaster strikes, chaos reigns. It’s not always immediately clear what help will
be needed or how much.

By contributing to our Children's Emergency Fund, you will enable us to immediately serve children through disaster planning, preparedness, response and recovery work around the world.

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Our Projects

C&A Foundation and C&A Suppport Mothers and Children in Crisis

Our Response to the Mediterranean Crisis

C&A Foundation has donated 200.000 Euro to Save the Children in order to help migrant mothers and children affected by the Mediterranean Crisis.

After their journey – which often means crossing deserts and war zones before they even reach the treacherous sea – many children and their mothers are traumatized when they reach the southern borders of Italy.

Therefore, Save the Children introduces psycho-social activities and strengthens child participation activities. This grant supports Child Friendly Spaces for children to play, develop, and begin to recover during emergency.

Our Response to the Nepal Earthquake

The overall goal of Save the Children’s response is to support the recovery of the population severely affected by the earthquake (particularly children) in Nepal and build community resilience to future disasters. Save the Children has initiated a three year response to the Nepal Earthquake.

The earthquake destroyed over 5.000 schools. For many children education/school is a structured, stable and safe place in an often complex and insecure every day. We will focus on setting up temporary learning spaces ensuring that the children as quickly as possible can return to the schools and continue their education without any further set-backs. Back-to schools kits will be provided as well in order to ensure quality education.

Additionally, child friendly spaces (CFS) will be set up as a safe haven for children creating an environment where children can be children and receive psychosocial support from trained personnel.

Cost Examples

How your donation helps

8 Euro reichen aus,
um ein Kind über Ebola-Schutzmaßnahmen
zu informieren.





70 Euro reichen aus,
um Gesundheitspersonal mit Equipment wie Gummistiefel, Handschuhe, Schutzanzüge und Desinfektionsmittel auszustatten.

150 Euro reichen aus,
um einen Lehrer in einer Übergangsschule anzustellen, so dass Kinder auch während der Krise Bildung erhalten können. 

Our partnership

C&A and Save the Children

Save the Children have teamed up with leading apparel company, C&A, and philanthropic organization, C&A Foundation in a three-year, multi-million euro international alliance to support millions of mothers and their children who are coping with humanitarian crises.

Projects will focus both on disaster preparedness, as well as immediate response to emergencies.   The C&A Foundation will provide Save the Children with financial support of up to 3 million euros annually to carry out this important work.



“We believe that mothers make the difference and by focusing our partnership on mothers, both in crisis situations and by helping them to be better able to handle future crisis, we can contribute to creating strong children and strong families."

Leslie Johnston, Executive Director C&A Foundation

About Save the Children

For children since 1919

Save the Children ist die größte unabhängig Kinderrechtsorganisation der Welt.

Wir arbeiten für eine Welt, die die Rechte der Kinder achtet und sie schützt: mit vielfältigen Projekten, die das Leben von Kindern verbessern. Aber auch mit politischem Engagement, um dauerhafte Veränderungen zu erreichen.

Save the Children wurde 1919 von der Lehrerin Eglantyne Jebb in Großbritannien gegründet und ist heute in rund 120 Ländern aktiv.

Save the Children Deutschland gibt es seit 2004.

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