Empowerment of Youth for Economic Development and Peace Building Programme in Rumbek South Sudan

Save the Children has been operating in South Sudan since the early 1990s and currently implements programmes in eight out of ten states, including the states most affected by the current conflict. Save the Children works closely with local and international non-governmental organizations across a number of sectors including education, health and nutrition, child protection, child rights governance, food security and livelihoods. With a large youth empowerment and technical vocational education and training programme portfolio in South Sudan, Save the Children works to strengthen local partners and stakeholders, and to provide life-changing services to youth and young adults in Lakes States, delivering integrated vocational training and peace building activities, strengthening programmes for at risk youth and children.  Recognizing the lack of Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) opportunities for youth, Save the Children South Sudan was awarded 2.5 million Euro project from the European Union to implement “The Youth Employability and Participation Project in Lakes State (Rumbek central Wulu and Cueibet counties)”. The Youth Employability and Participation project is a three-year program, beginning January 2016, and ending on 31st December 2018. This is an integrated programme aimed at holistic development of youth through provision of Business Technical Vocational Education and Training (BTVET), strengthening institution capacity of state ministry officials, community and CSOs with the aim of improving employability chances of the deprived youth hence enable to actively, participate in development agenda of the country/state. Target beneficiaries of the programme are, groups of youths,  including; School dropouts, those who cannot, read, or write, youths/children living in the streets, those who have been in contact with the law.  young parents- boys and girls, and graduates from different level of academic attainment who may have missed further development chances due to, limited resources or lack of employment opportunities in the country. The programme was delivered directly by Save the Children and through a national partner based in Rumbek, the DRDA (Dhiar for Rehabilitation and Development Association) and also worked closely with relevant local state ministries, Ministry of social development, Ministry of culture youth and sports, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology), and five civil society organization. 


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