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Fatima's Story

When Fatima became malnourished, her older sister Fatun said was scared they would lose her. Fatun cherishes every one of Fatima’s giggles today.  

Hunger is always an acute problem for infants. They don’t have the endurance of older children, and they’re completely reliant on the adults in their lives for provision. Millions of children like Fatima need nutritious food as quickly as we can get it to them. In Fatima’s home country of Somalia, a persistent drought is decimating local agriculture and conflict has forced a quarter of the population to flee their homes. Farmers can’t produce the food children need, so one in four Somalian children have stunted growth due to malnutrition.

And the problem is so much bigger than just one country. 11 million children younger than five are suffering critical levels of hunger.

Save the Children has been on the front lines of the fight to end global hunger for decades, but we need your help to provide critical nutrition to even more children. Your gifts have fed tens of thousands of Fatima’s neighbors and kept millions of children all over the world healthy throughout the global pandemic. Will you help even more children get the food they need to thrive this year?