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Meet Priceless.

17-year old Priceless* is from North Central Nigeria.

Read the poem written by Priceless below.


You are so beautiful like a flower

To be treated so harsh, like a goat

You are more valuable than a diamond

To be deprived of your right

We need our mind to heal the world, not be tortured

No body is perfect, so why are you treated like that camel

Your beautiful smile heals a broken heart so why are you treated like a horse

The world is crying, screaming out looking for you, and indeed you can satisfy them, so why the negligence and maltreatment

Don’t feel neglected dear

You are the sun and the world is waiting for you to shine everything and everywhere in the universe.

You are not an animal

Everyone is crying and shouting for your help because everything is dark but you came and light the whole place. You brought hope to hope so why are you dying in pain like the camel do.

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