Child Protection

Sunday 19 August 2018

World Humanitarian Day: At home on the frontline

Friday 17 August 2018


In response to the Ebola outbreak in conflict-hit DRC, which has already claimed at least 41 lives, Save the Children is urgently deploying its Emergency Health Unit and in country team to the area. They will help trace the contacts of confirmed cases and identify people who may have the disease, before referring them to Ebola treatment centres.

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Friday 17 August 2018

More than 230,000 people forced to flee homes as devastating flooding inundates India’s Kerala state

More than 160 people have died and large swathes of land have been inundated, after monsoon rains dumped more than 650mm of rain in parts of India’s Kerala state. 

At least 230,000 people have already fled their homes and there are reports that 10,000km of the state’s roads have been damaged or destroyed. The full extent of the damage is unlikely to be known for several days or until the floodwaters recede.

Save the Children India's CEO Bidisha Pillai said Kerala hadn't seen flooding on this scale in decades.

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Wednesday 8 August 2018

Save the Children and its partner organisation raise concerns for Indonesians in isolated makeshift camps on earthquake-devastated Lombok

Save the Children and local partner Yayasan Sayangi Tunas Cilik (YSTC) hold grave concerns for thousands of people living in makeshift shelters in remote villages on the earthquake-devastated island of Lombok, Indonesia.

The organisation's Silverius Tasman said he had just visited parts of the island that have been cut off and are unable to access any aid.

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Friday 3 August 2018

Statement: Gaza Fuel Supplies Cut For Second Time

On Thursday, all fuel shipments from Kerem Shalom, the main Israeli cargo crossing into Gaza, were stopped for the second time in less than a month, prompting fears that hospitals, homes and water treatment facilities will be hard hit. 

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