Tuesday 22 May 2018

Marawi conflict one year on: More than 300,000 Filipinos still displaced, 30,000 children yet to return to school


Seven months after the southern Philippines city of Marawi was declared ‘militant free’, hundreds of thousands of Filipinos remain displaced as the government continues its recovery operation—which includes the challenging process of clearing improvised explosive devices from across the city.

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Wednesday 18 October 2017

Rohingya camps a 'child protection disaster waiting to happen,' with more than 450,000 children out of school

Overcrowding, a lack of schooling and widespread desperation among the Rohingya in camps and makeshift settlements in Bangladesh are putting children at an alarming risk of exploitation and abuse, Save the Children has warned.

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Friday 13 October 2017

International Day for Disaster Reduction 2017 - School Safe School

The Asia-Pacific region is the most disaster-prone in the world, and 35.6 million children are at risk of death and injury every year in this region. Children bear the brunt of recurring and intensifying disasters in the Asia-Pacific region and are at a disproportionately higher risk of death and injury, compared to adults. 

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Monday 18 September 2017

Alarming spike in number of Syrian refugee children out of school, exposing thousands to child marriage and exploitation

Refugee children have lost almost 700 million days of school in the last year despite pledges at UNGA to get them back in the classroom.

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Friday 8 September 2017

Right of education for 1 million Palestinian children at risk

Scores of Palestinian children continue to struggle to realize their right to education as students return to school last week. School demolitions, confiscation of equipment, double shifts, inability to prioritise education and underfunding have complicated children’s access to education.

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