Friday 16 October 2015

Preparing for winter as refugees arrive in Lesbos

A father leads his son away from the beach at Skala Sikamineas, GreeceA blog by Mark Buttle, Senior Humanitarian WASH Advisor with Save the Children.

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Friday 11 September 2015

Now is the time to say ‘Never again’

The devastating photo of little Aylan Kurdi, washed up on the shores of Turkey, has shifted government policy across Europe and sparked acts of solidarity across the continent. But for those of us working in Greece, one of the frontlines of this crisis, this tragedy is not unexpected.

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Thursday 6 August 2015

Greece: Acts of desperation, or despair?

A blog by Ben Pickering, Humanitarian Advisor, Save the Children

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Thursday 6 August 2015

Refugee and migrant children at risk of exploitation as Greece’s infrastructure is overwhelmed

A new assessment by Save the Children in Greece has revealed that refugee and migrant children are being left at risk of exploitation and disease, because of an almost total lack of official reception facilities.

Currently around 1,000 people are landing on the Dodecanese islands every day, the majority of them Syrians seeking sanctuary in Europe. In June alone 4,270 children landed on the islands, 86 of them unaccompanied.

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Tuesday 16 June 2015

Save the Children calls on EU members to endorse the Commission's proposal on migration


Save the Children is deeply concerned that the European Union may delay making a decision on migration when the Justice and Home Affairs Council meets on the 15-16 June.  


This will leave thousands of vulnerable children who have made the treacherous Mediterranean crossing to reach the safety of Italy and Greece, in limbo.


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