Our partnership with Accenture

Accenture and Save the Children share a vision for creating a more secure future for young people. Among the 200 million people worldwide actively seeking work, a disproportionate share - 75 million - are youth and young adults under the age of 25. This new demographic landscape represents not only a crucial development challenge, but also a tremendous source of human capital and economic opportunity. Our partnership builds programming that strengthens future employment outcomes for youth and helps open economic opportunities for the next generation of workers and caretakers of children in developing countries around the world.



With a goal to train nearly 100,000 young workers by 2018, Save the Children's partnership with Accenture equips youth with the skills they need to get a job or build a business. Our work assists Accenture in achieving their goal of reaching 700,000 youth globally. Together, we have partnered in more than a dozen developing countries around the world, bringing Save the Children’s signature approach to youth employment most recently to the Philippines, Egypt, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh and China.

Leveraging Technology for Development

Amad, a graduate of Save the Children's
Skills to Succeed program, is now an office
manager at Airline catering company, Aeronturi.
Photo Credit: Susan Warner

Our partnership is advancing the use of technology to bring solutions to scale. Integrating technology into our work has been critical to successfully addressing the global youth skills gap and the societal barriers faced by youth worldwide. To address these gaps and barriers, we are building web-based and mobile platforms that connect youth to e-learning modules that build on classroom training; job matching platforms that link youth to employers and available jobs; and beneficiary tracking systems to monitor employment and retention.

Accenture is helping Save the Children launch an Information and Communications Technology (ICT-enabled) database to improve data collection that will advance programming for youth employment. The database allows us to better understand the impact of various interventions, and provides more accurate and timely evidence of ‘what truly works’ to improve employment outcomes.

Evidence and Thought Leadership

In response to the need for skilled and talented youth around the world, Accenture and Save the Children are leading a global movement. Save the Children’s partnership with Accenture allows us to combine programmatic expertise with a larger, more holistic evidence-based focus.

Through this work, we are continuously testing innovative approaches to training, including the effectiveness of a blended learning model that utilizes e-learning as a complement to traditional classroom learning. We are also working to understand and build evidence around the larger community impact generated by our work. And we are looking into developing systems to better track and monitor beneficiaries. In doing so, we are measuring not only the conversion rate to employment, but also the longevity of employment, employment satisfaction and retention of skills learned. In this way, our work is focused on quality and impact, as well as access and dissemination of curriculum.

Link to partner website - Accenture.com

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