Our partnership with Procter and Gamble

P&G is one of Save the Children's longest-standing partners. They have provided invaluable support to our U.S. programs since 1995 and to our international work since 2002. P&G's commitment to providing comforts of home and improving health and hygiene through the benefits of its unique brands helps us improve life for children around the world.


Our Global Partnership

The geographic footprint of our relationship showcases the truly global nature of this partnership, which has benefited children and families in 21 countries. P&G's contributions have encompassed financial donations, health and hygiene capabilities and products from brands like Safeguard and Always, as well as support for clean water through the distribution of P&G Purifier of Water packets in our emergency and development programs around the world.


Key components of our work together have included programs in support of adolescent health funded by Always and Tampax; hand-washing initiatives made possible by Safeguard; pneumonia prevention and treatment supported by Vicks; and provision of clean water in emergency settings through the P&G Children's Safe Drinking Water Program.

In 2014 alone, P&G supported programs reached more than 1 million children across 10 countries. We are profoundly grateful to P&G and its brands for supporting our life-changing work. The brands that make every day better for billions of consumers around the world have also made life better for children and families in need.


Brand Engagements

In China, our programs in 14 schools are building the foundation of a culture of better health and hygiene. We've reached 13,677 children, 333 teachers and thousands of parents with health and hygiene messages, and have also made improvements to school infrastructure. Our partnership created six hand-washing stations and distributed almost 3,200 bars of Safeguard soap. Plus, we instituted a public-awareness campaign around the importance of hand washing. 

In Lagos, Nigeria, we launched a public partnership with 10 schools. We installed 60 hand-washing stations, established 130 safe water drinking points using P&G Packets, and distributed 3,600 bars of Safeguard soap. In addition, 5,885 children and 256 staff learned about good hygiene practices, including personal hygiene and hygiene at home, at school and in the community.

In Mexico, we're working in 79 schools in eight states to offer health and hygiene education and infrastructure improvements. In one year, 865 children learned about puberty. This included teaching girls about menstrual hygiene management and distributing 2,905 sanitary pads. We also partnered with 330 dentistry volunteers to conduct oral health screenings for 11,881 children, and we held oral hygiene education classes where children learned how to care for their teeth. Almost 5,900 tubes of Crest toothpaste and an equal number of Oral-B toothbrushes were distributed.

By mobilizing the power of the Vicks brand and its customers, in 2014 the Vicks Breathe for Lifecampaign provided funds to help more than 700,000 children in Bangladesh through a network of village doctors. We treated 46,576 cases of acute respiratory infection, more than 106,000 pneumonia cases and over 109,000 diarrhea cases. In the three years the project has been underway, some 2,200 public, frontline health service providers and supervisors have received training on the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) basic health worker package and 300 village doctors have received training on Community Case Management of pneumonia and diarrhea. We also developed a culture of referral among trained village doctors, and some 3,000 sick children were referred to appropriate government health facilities.

Providing Essentials in Times of Need

In the UK, P&G partners with Save the Children to support poor families by donating basic household items that allow them to regain the sense of home lost due to hardship and poverty. So far, we have provided comforts of home to 440 families.

P&G is also one of Save the Children's key partners in emergencies. We've worked together for many years to bring relief to victims of natural disaster. In 2014, P&G supported our emergency responses in India and the Philippines, where we distributed P&G water purification packets and basic hygiene products to victims of typhoons and floods. 

In Italy, we partnered with P&G to strengthen emergency response and ensure deployment of relief supplies in the first critical days of a disaster.

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