Monday 15 April 2013

Afghanistan: Training communities to fight malnutrition

Roshan Gul holds the hand of her daughter, Naweeda. At 4.5 kilograms, 10-month-old Naweeda is severely malnourished. When the drought in Northern Afghanistan started, harvests failed for three years in a row, and Roshan Gul’s husband couldn’t find any work. Some­times, her family doesn’t have food for days. If there is food, it mostly consists of rice, bread and tea as vegeta­bles and meat are too expensive.


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Monday 8 April 2013

Children’s role in mitigating climate change and disaster preparedness

In a quiet little community, Roka Thom primary school is situated. It is one of several schools in Thbong Khmum district in Kampong Cham province that was affected by the floods in 2011 when the mighty Mekong River swelled across its borders, inundating vast areas of the Cambodian countryside. 

“I cannot forget about the flooding in 2011, my school furniture and teaching and learning materials were damaged,” says Saing Si Moeun, Head Teacher at the school. “My school was closed and reopened late”.

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Monday 25 March 2013

Save the Children responds to the needs of over 800 children affected by Fire in Baan Mae Surin refugee camp in Northern Thailand

24 March - Save the Children is preparing to distribute relief packages to over 800 fire-affected children and their families in Baan Mae Surin refugee camp in Northern Thailand.

The camp was set ablaze on Friday evening, killing 35 refugees and injuring at least 100 others. About 400 families or 2,300 people were made homeless from the fire, which was reportedly caused by a cooking accident.

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Friday 15 March 2013

China: Training health workers in remote villages

Li Zhijuan is one of two doctors in Manlai village of Cangyuan county, serving the health needs of over 1,000 villagers for the past 15 years. Cangyuan county is home to a large ethnic minority group, and it is in these areas where child mortality are generally higher and the coverage and quality of local maternal and child health services are generally poorer.

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Tuesday 26 February 2013

Portable generators, suction pumps and deep-well pumps for flood-prone communities in the Philippines

Save the Children has distributed portable generators, suction pumps and deep-well pumps to flooded communities in Pampanga province, the Philippines, in January 2013.

Many communities remains flooded six months after the Southwest monsoon rains in August 2012 caused heavy flooding - damaging houses, schools and sources of livelihood in several provinces in Luzon and in Metro Manila.

As such, the equipment will help supply power, pump out stagnant floodwater and provide access to clean water in public schools should another flood occur.

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