Latin America and Caribbean


Thursday 8 May 2014

Coffee leaf rust infestation in Central America

The current coffee rust infestation that has plagued Central American coffee plantations for the last year is intensifying rapidly. In El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras combined, approximately 2.3 million people and 1.18 million children are impacted by the crisis. The rust - or roya - is an airborne parasitic fungus that attacks coffee plants. Leaves turn brown and spotted and fall off, along with the berries. This causes drastic decreases in coffee production and gravely impacts families that depend on coffee production as their primary source of income.

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Monday 15 July 2013

Haiti: protecting children from cholera

Désinor Riclaire's story, a supervisory nurse working at the locally managed Cholera Treatment Unit (CTU) that Save the Children is supporting in response to the increasing number of cases - by Monique Morazain, Save the Children.

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