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Monday 25 February 2013

Syrian children badly traumatised after witnessing killings, torture and other atrocities, Save the Children warns

25 September 2012 - Syrian children are being badly traumatised after witnessing killings, torture and other atrocities in the country’s conflict, Save the Children has warned today.

Shocking testimony collected from refugees in Save the Children projects has revealed that children have been the targets of brutal attacks, seen the deaths of parents, siblings and other children, and have witnessed and experienced tortured.  

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Monday 25 February 2013

Fears grow for Syrian children and families struggling to survive bitter winter, as massive funding gap threatens aid response, Save the Children warns

4 December 2012 - Fears are growing for Syrian children and families hit by freezing winter weather as huge funding shortages endanger relief operations in the region, Save the Children has warned.

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Monday 25 February 2013

Mass exodus as Syrian children run for their lives - Save the Children

I25 January 2013 - In the last 24 hours an estimated 10,000 children and their families have fled Syria into Jordan.

As fighting intensified in Southern Syria almost 20,000 refugees arrived at the border.  Nearly 3500 people made it to Za’atari camp last night.

Up to four to five buses are arriving in the camp every hour – the majority crammed full of frightened and exhausted people who fled with what little they could carry.   

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Monday 25 February 2013

Syrian families without vital aid as humanitarian response faces major funding shortages, Save the Children warns ahead of major donor conference

30 January 2013 - A huge funding shortfall is leaving thousands of Syrian children and families without essential aid, Save the Children has warned, as governments meet in Kuwait to provide aid to the region.

Syrian children are facing freezing temperatures, sometimes living in abandoned buildings and farms. Many have fled with their families with little or no food, some telling Save the Children staff that they even had to burn their clothes to warm themselves up.

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Friday 22 February 2013

As fighting intensifies in Syria we must all prepare for a much bigger crisis

Blog by Roger Hern, Regional Response Team Leader

This week I visited Zataari Reguee Camp in Jordan. The population is already at over 90,000 people and the camp is getting bigger by the day. The size of the camp is overwhelming and the rate that it is growing almost beyond belief.   Some days we are seeing up to 5000 new arrivals in the camp! 

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