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Friday 22 February 2013

As fighting intensifies in Syria we must all prepare for a much bigger crisis

Blog by Roger Hern, Regional Response Team Leader

This week I visited Zataari Reguee Camp in Jordan. The population is already at over 90,000 people and the camp is getting bigger by the day. The size of the camp is overwhelming and the rate that it is growing almost beyond belief.   Some days we are seeing up to 5000 new arrivals in the camp! 

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Thursday 21 February 2013

Hope and grief: saving Lives in Syria, a partner’s story

“We witnessed a woman giving birth on the doorstep of a hospital. When the first strike hit, my colleague was providing care and he was trying to deliver the baby. At the first strike the hospital had to be evacuated as they knew there would be a second strike. They carried the woman outside and they delivered the baby just outside the main door of the hospital. They managed to get away but the hospital was flattened by the second strike. They survived but giving a birth at the door of the hospital under such stress is indescribable.”

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Thursday 21 February 2013

Syria crisis

Blog by Roger Hearn, Regional Response Team Leader

It’s been two weeks in my new role as Regional Response Team Leader with Save the Children.  In that short time I have seen some of the suffering caused by the Syria crisis but also at the same time, the fantastic work of Save the Children in responding to the needs of some of those affected. 

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