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Monday 26 March 2018

Three years on: A message from the children of Yemen

“We, the children of Yemen, are struggling to survive. We go to sleep to the sound of warplanes overhead and guns in the street. We wake up to more destruction.

“We are innocent, play no part in this war, and have committed no sins.

“And yet, we are missing out on an education as our schools are being destroyed. We are being denied our most basic rights of health, safety, and life. The longer the war continues, the more children will die.

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Wednesday 7 March 2018

Yemen: Don’t Bomb Children

London, March 7, 2018 – As the UK Government welcomes the Saudi Crown Prince’s first official visit to London, Save the Children has unveiled a life-size statue of a child outside Parliament. The bronze-like statue is a reminder of the dangers that Yemeni children face every day and the risks of British-made bombs fuelling the violence.

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Tuesday 6 March 2018


March 5, 2018 – A Save the Children partner in Syria has been able to deliver blankets and warm clothing to hundreds of besieged residents in Eastern Ghouta. These winter kits[1] came from existing stock and not from a UN aid convoy that arrived today.   

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Tuesday 27 February 2018

Save the Children says proposed five-hour daily truce not good enough as new video emerges of aftermath of bombing in Eastern Ghouta


Partners of the aid agency in Syria say children remain stuck in makeshift shelters 

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