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Review/Development of Resilience Programming Strategy in South Sudan

6 September 2019 - 23 September 2019 - South Sudan

Review/Development of Resilience Programming Strategy in South Sudan


South Sudan is the world’s newest nation and nearly six years since independence 2011. However, the humanitarian situation in South Sudan is dire and continues to deteriorate. The recurrent armed conflict compounded by drought and associated worsening food insecurity and prevailing malnutrition in the country have severely affected the children and their families in South Sudan. Most of the children are already contending with violence in their everyday lives. As per the IPC (May 2019) report 6.96 million people (61%) of the population in South Sudan are in need of humanitarian assistance.


Save the Children has been operating in South Sudan since 1989 through implementation of various programmes of both emergency and development interventions. In response to the ongoing crisis, Save the Children is currently operational in five out of the ten States of South Sudan. Among the key sectoral interventions is implementation of the food security and livelihood based projects that focus on addressing the underlying causes and hence improving the food and nutrition security, building resilience and reducing vulnerability of the community and households to potential shocks and risks. Most of the projects sit within the wider strategic and programmatic work around resilient livelihoods which also embed and address emergency needs in South Sudan.


Most of the projects are designed towards ensuring recovery, building resilience, and reducing vulnerability to food insecurity, malnutrition and other disaster risks/shocks faced by poor children and their families.  To mention the key programming approaches:

  • Livelihoods based emergency and recovery interventions integrated with other sectoral interventions
  • Nutrition sensitive agriculture/livelihood interventions combined with positive attitude changes in improved farming and feeding practices (including integration with nutrition and WASH)
  • Enhancing market oriented agriculture productions
  • Demand driven livelihood skills for out of school and marginalized youth and vulnerable households
  • Youth resilience programming related to protection

General objective of the assignment

This consultant will review and develop a resilience strategy to the Country Office based on thorough analysis of the ongoing efforts /initiatives, capacity, gaps and potentials in the design and implementation of resilience building programmes and hence in brining lasting impact in children and their families who are vulnerable to food insecurity, malnutrition and disaster risks/shocks.

Interested candidates/institutions should submit a technical and financial proposal and two samples of similar previous assignments. Applications should be submitted to Juba.Procurement@savethechildren.orgno later than 23rd September 2019.