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Tell us about the children who have inspired you during the COVID-19 pandemic.
2020 was a hard year for us all - especially children. But children's resilience has continued to inspire us.

How have children inspired you?


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Have enjoyed sitting in the garden listening to my son practicing saxophone in his room and spending more time all together playing games


On the last 28th February, my husband’s birthday, we had the most wonderful present!! We are going to be grandparents of a boy in July!!!

Rita Mexia Alves

Children reports that the lockdown help them to be with parents to learn skills/values that are not learnt at school; cooking, making huts making..

Augustine Caesar Nyero

My teenage son actualized his music passion by recording one song and shot its video, besides learning guitar and videography.

Clayton Omwanga

I have been able to spend more time with my family and close friends, practice some guitar, and get back into reading, especially the news.

Aaliyah Ismail

From the UK but live in Kenya. My daughter is only 3, so is kind of oblivious to it all (thankfully), but her unbridled joy brightens my darkest days.

Laura Jepson

My step daughter has got really into reading during lockdown and often ignores the telly and sits down with a book - I need to follow her example!

George Parker

I've rediscovered a passion for new hobbies, such as gardening, and rekindled my passion for some old hobbies, such as painting.

Reena V

my grandson.. conceived and born during the global pandemic - brings joy to our lives. We are lucky to have him and his parents as part of our pod

nancy arnot taussig

Siblings Maria (15) and Juan (12) from Venezuela miss going to school but while at home Maria enjoys playing the flute and Juan doing origami

Mónica Kuljich

My 12 year old boy said the lockdown also had upsides as we spent a lot of more time all together :-)


My 14 month old has recently discovered the joy of going up and down steps and when he does, he doesn't give up, practices about 10-15 times at a go.

Tanu Anand

My daughter took up sewing during the lockdown. A group of them now make masks for friends and family - and distribute to migrant worker dormitories

Madhu Guha

My cousin became a musician and has learned guitar. I sign along with him over video calls sometimes.

Gabriel Smith

My daughter, Katia 7 years old, read her first full book during lock-down. Now she's reading every night before going to bed.

Arantza Espinosa

My 10-year-old niece has taken up baking in a big way, and now aspires to be a pasty chef when she leaves school.


Today BBC world news has a story about a 9yr old blind boy in Yemen who helps his classmates continue getting an education in bombed school building.

Elsbeth de Ridder

My neighbour, a 8 years-old kid, learned to bake during the pandemic and every Friday he cooked a cake for one neighbour in the building. So adorable!

Perez, Maria

Jessica, who, alongside her mother, launched a business making and selling quilts for the COVID-19 isolation centre of La Paz in Bolivia

Perez, Maria

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