Tackling Poverty

Poverty dramatically reduces a child’s future chances. Children still die and face life-long disadvantages because their parents cannot afford healthcare or food. And millions of children work to help support their family, instead of attending school.
Families want to invest in their children’s future but poverty makes this impossible. Save the Children helps families to break the poverty cycle and improve their financial security to benefit their children. As global food prices rise, making extremely poor families even more vulnerable, our work to tackle poverty is more important than ever.

Brothers Desalegn, nine, and Tsige, six, from the Amhara region of Ethiopia. Their family is part of a Save the Children project that supports income-generating activities such as beekeeping and agriculture to help families diversify their income and become self-sufficient. Colin Crowley/Save the Children

We work with communities to tackle poverty in several ways. We:

  • provide cash or food to the very poorest families to enable them to meet their essential needs
  • work with governments to ensure more children benefit from national safety nets
  • provide expertise to increase family livelihoods and resilience, for example by increasing crop and livestock productivity to improve local diets and family resilience
  • distribute small grants and loans to help families set up small businesses and get back on their feet
  • invest in youth skills training, equipping young people to earn and supporting them to save and plan for the future

After the 2010 flooding in Pakistan we supported tens of thousands of families with cash transfers, so they could meet their everyday needs and start earning again. In Ethiopia, we provided families feed and veterinary support for family livestock during the 2011 food crisis. This prevented child malnutrition by ensuring young children had access to milk during and after the crisis period.

For more information relating to our work to tackle child poverty, please download Milk Matters: The Impact of Dry Season Livestock Support on Milk Supply and Child Nutrition in Somali Region, Ethiopia or visit our Resources page.

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