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Ukraine: thank you.


Your donation has been very important for us to ensure our response is agile and quick during this emergency. 

Children in Eastern Ukraine have been enduring violence for the last eight years. Over 2.7 million people have already crossed the borders from Ukraine since the 24th of February. Half are estimated to be children. Every war is a war on children.  Click on this link to read the latest news from Ukraine.

Thanks to your support, we are helping children and families fleeing Ukraine and arriving in neighbouring countries such as Poland and Romania. 

A response team is now being deployed to offer in-country response in central and western Ukraine. Since the 9th of March, we have been working with local partners to distribute essential food, hygiene items,  blankets, dignity and baby kits and continue to support displaced families. 

How Save the Children hepled Anna*.

We have been able to help Danilo* (pictured), Daryna and their mother Anna*, 29.  They fled their home in Ukraine when fighting escalated near where they live. Anna told us:

"We fled because we were scared. There was bombing in the area... We saw rockets being fired and destroyed buildings... The children don't understand what's happening."

"I had to explain to Daryna* what was happening. I said that to be safe we had to leave and go to another country... She didn't really respond. But sometimes when she heard bangs she'd say she was scared."

"We just hope the fighting will end and we can return home."

Anna* and her children stayed at a temporary camp in Romania before moving to the Reception Centre. Save the Children runs child friendly spaces at the Reception Centre where Anna's children can play and recover from the traumatic experiences they've been through. We are also providing families with advice and information, as well as food and other essential items. This couldn´t have been possible without you. 

Our response.

In times of humanitarian crises, when children are at their most vulnerable, Save the Children is there. Save the Children has been operating in Ukraine for 8 years. 

What are we doing to help Ukrainian children and their families thanks to your support?

In Ukraine, a response team is now being deployed to offer in-country response in central and western Ukraine. Since the 9th of March, we have been working with local partners to distribute essential food, hygiene items, blankets, dignity and baby kits and continue to support displaced families.

In Romania, Save the Children continues to help refugees arriving from Ukraine at the border with the provision of basic non-food items and other outreach services. We are responding to immediate needs such as food, hygiene kits, clothing, and other basic household items. We are also setting up Child Friendly Spaces so children can be children and recover from the traumatic experiences they have endured.

In Poland, Save the Children is working to with other agencies to help reunite children with family and friends. We are urgently assessing the needs in Poland to respond to the needs of children and families fleeing violence.

By donating to our Child Emergency Fund, you are allowing us to respond wherever the need is greatest. It helps us to reach children quickly with the essentials they need to survive. Thank you for your generosity.