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Our partnership.

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has partnered with Save the Children since 2006.

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Over the course of our partnership, BCG consultants have collaborated with Save the Children on strategic, operational, and organisational issues. This includes building medium to long-term strategies, improving effectiveness and efficiency, country operations, fundraising, and advocacy.

BCG's partnership supports:

  • Project work BCG conducts multiple strategic projects each year across the entire Save the Children movement to support our highest priorities
  • Secondments BCG consultants can dedicate up to a year working for Save the Children around the world, based on organisational needs
  • Board participation BCG consultants serve on multiple Save the Children boards around the world, providing strategic guidance and support in various aspects of the organisation

You can find out more about our partnership work with BCG or about the award BCG received for their Pro Bono Work with Save the Children.

Rich Lesser, CEO, Boston Consulting Group.

“BCG's global partnership with Save the Children began as part of our continuous efforts to make a difference and improve society globally and in our local communities. Working alongside Save the Children on their highest priorities represents one of the most important things that we do as a consulting firm—strengthening organizations to better address the many challenges facing the world."