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We look back in order to drive forward.

We are committed to holding ourselves accountable for the promises we make to our supporters, partners, staff, and most of all, children. This means looking back at our commitments, celebrating our successes and learning from any mistakes in order to do more and do better.

In 2019, we directly reached over 38.7 million children in 117 countries around the world. We responded to 130 humanitarian emergencies across 64 countries and contributed to 80 significant policy or legislation wins for children's rights.

The combined revenue of Save the Children International and Save the Children members amounted to $2.2 billion USD.

Learn about how our work helped to change millions of young lives in our 2018 Annual Review.

We believe in open and transparent reporting:

Reporting on gender pay
Save the Children International is committed to having a diverse and inclusive workforce where everyone is valued equally and all employees feel respected. Our approach to reward and pay aims to be competitive and fair. Learn more about what we are doing to address the pay gap.

CEO and Executive pay.

Save the Children International’s CEO Inger Ashing earned £188,990 in 2019. Inger Ashing is the head of a global organisation with an annual revenue of over $2 billion USD operating in more than 117 countries. With tens of thousands of staff working in some of the toughest places in the world, we delivered programmes to millions of children and responded to 130 emergencies across 64 countries around the world in 2019.

We recognise the importance of being transparent and accountable in all aspects of our work. The salaries of our Executive Team and a breakdown of staff costs for Save the Children International are reported in our Trustees' Report. Through our Global Accountability Report we help our supporters understand what mechanisms we have in place to ensure we use our resources efficiently to achieve measurable results.