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Our Global Strategy.


We believe in a world where every child grows up healthy, safe and educated - playing, learning and looking forward to a future filled with joy and hope. But right now, Covid-19, conflict and the climate crisis are undoing decades of progress for children and their rights.

Today. children are facing injustice. 1 billion children don’t have basic healthcare. 1 billion children live in deep poverty. 450 million children are not learning. 400 million children grow up in conflict.

Our 2022-24 Global Strategy is about disrupting the negative trend and challenging the status quo to accelerate and amplify impact with children. It is about repairing the broken and unequal systems that are hurting children today and building new solutions to last a lifetime.

Read our 2022-24 Global Strategy


By 2024 we will amplify our impact for hundreds of millions more children across more than 100 countries. We will work to ensure every child can:

  • Get a healthy start in life.
  • Learn and go to school safely.
  • Live free from violence.
  • Grow up in resilient families.

How will we do this?

We will champion children and their local communities, elevate their voices, and make decisions together.

We will partner more strategically with peers, the private sector and government and mobilise people and institutions to change public opinions, policies and laws.

We will use data, strengthen evidence and use digital technology to ensure quality education, healthcare and protection for millions more children, faster.

We will become a truly inclusive organisation that invests in diverse talent, achieving more for children with every dollar spent.
 "We children have the power to make change. This is our moment."