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Since 2009, Bulgari has raised more than $105 million to help Save the Children transform the lives of some of the world's most vulnerable children.

To date, Bulgari has helped us to implement projects reaching over 2 million children. The funds raised support all the strategic areas of intervention of Save the Children, with a particular focus on quality education, youth empowerment, emergency response and the fight against poverty.

Together with Bulgari, we have guaranteed training for over 73,000 teachers and carried out educational activities in over 6,000 schools in 37 countries worldwide. 

Special jewellery range.

To celebrate their 125th anniversary, in 2009 Bulgari created the first custom-designed Save the Children jewellery collection – donating a portion of the sales to support our programmes. Since then, this special range, with a unique silver and black design inspired by the iconic B-zero1 jewellery line, has grown over the years.

In 2024, a new pendant necklace was launched to celebrate 15 years in partnership with Save the Children and the launch of the #WithMeWithYou campaign. The collection is available in selected Bulgari stores worldwide.

Staff engagement

Bulgari employees are actively engaged in making the partnership a success. Almost 600 employees have visited our programmes to see first-hand how the partnership is improving the lives of children and their families.

Celebrity support and campaigns.

Renowned photographer Fabrizio Ferri has played a critical role in the partnership's continued success over the years through his portrait collection of more than 250 celebrities. Many high-profile names have lent their voice to help support children and their communities.  

In 2024, under Ferri’s art direction once again, a new campaign #WithMeWithYou focuses on the connection between those who are part of the chain of solidarity created by Bulgari and Save the ChildrenFronted by Bulgari Global Brand Ambassador Anne Hathaway, it honours over 15 years of partnership, progress and meaningful work to support the world’s most vulnerable children.

“Walking alongside Save the Children for fifteen years has been a great honour for Bulgari. Together we were pioneers in creating a partnership, carrying out long-term projects over the years and giving concrete support to millions of children. We celebrate this important anniversary with the aim of not stopping, but continuing with the same strength and common passion in giving opportunities and light on the path of many other children” - Jean-Christophe Babin , CEO, Bulgari 

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