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Bakari's life changed when drought struck

For most of her life, Bakari was able to provide for her nine children by raising cattle.

Each animal represented opportunity, access to healthcare and education. But when the drought struck Somaliland, Bakari couldn’t stop her herd from starving. 

Bakari was far from defeated. She had ideas of how she could pivot to a new career, but like any small business owner, Bakari needed funds to get started.

Thanks to a grant that you helped provide, Bakari was able to found three flourishing new businesses. She and her older children work together to keep their community fed with a new restaurant and tea house, house travelers in their hotel, and provide milk and meat with their new herd of goats. 

That grant provided food and medicine for all nine of Bakari’s children while she was working on becoming a local institution. Now that her businesses are getting off the ground, she’s using her extra money to send her children back to school.

One of Bakari’s younger sons, Hassan, dreams of becoming a doctor. After all, there aren’t any in his entire region. Hassan has a long way to go, but you gave Bakari the start up funds to get him there. 

Her businesses are now self-sustaining, and Bakari can face the future with joy for her children’s potential instead of fear for their lives. On behalf of Bakari, Hassan, and the rest of their family, thank you!