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Become a monthly donor to help mothers like Juliet


A lack of water has affected every facet of Juliet’s life. As a farmer living on what she and her family can grow, Juliet struggles to keep her growing five year old son full. As a mother of two children, she struggles to consistently find clean water for them to drink. As a citizen of Zimbabwe, she can’t access the health care she needs, since the hospitals are experiencing the same drought.

“The climate is changing,” Juliet says. “The rains are late so now we plant in January. We used to plant in October. We're going hungry because the rain is delayed. We've reduced our food intake because we don't have enough food.”

Juliet* (30) gave birth to Maita* (1 month) at home because her local clinic has closed its maternity unit

Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, we are scaling up our work in Zimbabwe. We are providing families with cash grants to buy food, improving existing water sources or creating new ones to ensure communities and health facilities have access to clean water. Save the Children staff on the ground in Zimbabwe are also securing treatment for malnourished children.

There are so many mothers like Juliet that can’t keep their family healthy and happy without a consistent water source. That’s why we are glad we have caring people like you who are willing to step in and support Juliet, and mothers like her. Your monthly donation can help to provide that basic material need. 

We’re looking for 10 monthly dodnors to provide life-saving water to families struggling from drought this month. 

Will you join us in partnering with mothers with your monthly gift?