13 June 2023 - Global

Child-Led Recruitment: Empowering Children's Voices in West and Central Africa

Recruitment Panel

The children selected to take part in this inclusive recruiment process during one of the phases. Save the Children

Save the Children has recently undertaken a remarkable recruitment process for their West and Central Africa Regional Director. What made this process truly special was the active involvement of children in various stages of the panel, showcasing Save the Children's commitment to child participation and empowerment.

Save the Children's commitment to child participation and empowerment was vividly showcased during this recruitment, reinforcing the importance of involving children in decisions that directly impact our lives”, said Milca*, child participant.

Before, during, and after the panel, the children had distinct roles and responsibilities. Kolleh, excited and grateful for the opportunity to meet children from different countries and engage with esteemed individuals he never imagined he would encounter, said:

At the beginning (day one) we introduced ourselves, got to know ourselves and they also told us how the programme will go; how things will happen.  On the first day they told us to create questions on our own, that we think we should ask the candidates..." 

During the panel, the children played integral roles. They were involved in the preparation phase, crafting questions they believed were essential for evaluating the candidates. The panelists' questions were noted down, and each child was assigned a specific question to ask during the interview.

After the recruitment, each child panelist submitted their notes to the Save the Children representatives, who then forwarded them to the Human Resources department. The children's perspectives and evaluations would play a crucial role in the final selection process. 

This approach ensured that the children actively participated in the process and had a direct impact on the selection of the Regional Director. It also emphasized that children are the beneficiaries and stakeholders of organizations like Save the Children, making their participation crucial. Involving children in the decision-making process ensures that the chosen leader is genuinely committed to working for and with children.

Participating in the recruitment panel was not only a personal milestone but also highlighted the power of children's voices in decision-making processes.Through this experience, I gained confidence, felt actively involved, and witnessed the significant impact children can have when given the opportunity to participatesaid Milca*

This child-led recruitment process not only exemplified the organization's dedication to inclusivity but also underscored the vital role that children play in shaping their own future and the future of the organization.

“This experience and the interview process was enlightening, intellectually stimulating, and overwhelmingly positive. It provided me with an opportunity to delve deeper into understanding the organization and witness firsthand how they work to improve the lives of children worldwide”, said Hon Ibrahim*.

It served as a powerful reminder that when children are given the opportunity to participate, they can bring about meaningful change and create a brighter future for themselves and others.

We stand side by side with children in the world's toughest places.

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