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Building stronger global humanitarian capacity.

Working to improve the humanitarian system.

Humanitarian emergencies are becoming more frequent, more widespread and more complex. Mass urbanisation, population growth and climate change are combining to increase the risk of hundreds of millions of lives every year.

During emergencies, children need protection and support from well-trained humanitarian workers. However, many countries lack the capacity to respond to crises, endangering the quality and speed of humanitarian action and meaning that, as a sector, we are not saving as many lives as we could.

Our vision.

We want to ensure a professionalised and skilled global humanitarian system exists where countries have the capacity to prepare for and respond to the growing number of crises.

The IKEA Foundation supports Save the Children's work to give humanitarian professionals the tools they need to protect children when they need it most.

The programme, running until 2021, will provide training for over 20,000 aid workers in over 40 countries, giving them the professional skills to protect, support and educate children during disasters.

How we are delivering this.

The flagship Humanitarian Operations Programme is delivering entry-level humanitarian training on a variety of topics.

The Child Protection in Emergencies Professional Development Programme is designed to enhance the skills, knowledge and behaviours required of child protection in emergencies response staff.

The Education in Emergencies project aims to improve the quality and speed of Education in Emergencies responses through developing the capacity of implementing personnel.

The Graduate Certificate Humanitarian Leadership Course (GCHL) aims to transform the leadership offered by humanitarians, emergency responders and their organisations.

The Field Managers In Emergencies, Learning & Development Programme is a new online learning programme to develop the pool of local and national staff who can prepare for and take charge of in-country operational programmes in chronic and new emergencies.

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