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COVID-19: Our Impact in 2020

With your help, we achieved a lot for children in 2020.

  • With decades of experience in community-based health care, we know it’s the first line of defence against any crisis. We have trained and supported 117,000 health workers, which helped us to treat 391,000 children under age 5 for acute malnutrition. We have launched communications campaigns to educate families about the importance of physical distancing and handwashing during the pandemic in 64 countries.
  • Save the Children helps more children in crisis recover and return to learning than any other global humanitarian organization. We have supported distance learning for 2.9 million children, helped 53 governments to adapt school curricula to address challenges brought on by the pandemic and launched a global campaign, Save Our Education, to mobilise the world to safeguard children’s right to a quality education.
  • We have been keeping children safe from the heightened risks they face during the pandemic, providing 626,000 children and caregivers with mental health and psychosocial support and allocating a dedicated case manager to 112,000 of the most at-risk children to ensure they are safe and protected.
  • Using our world-leading knowledge to combat poverty, we have helped families survive the pandemic by providing cash and vouchers to 554,000 families, worked with 45 governments to scale up safety measures for the poorest families and trained young people with the skills they need to earn an income.


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Map of our reach in 2020