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What is CUBIC?

The Centre for Utilising Behavioural Insights for Children (CUBIC) is the first behavioural insights initiative or "nudge unit" in the world to focus on the most marginalised children’s rights and welfare. By using behavioural science, we can positively shape or ‘nudge’ the behaviours and actions of decision-makers, educators, families and communities, so more children get the best possible start in life. 

Why behavioural science?

Human decision-making is complex. We are influenced by a myriad of different factors which means we don’t always act and behave in our best interests, despite good intentions. Simply providing good information isn’t always enough to encourage positive behaviour change.

Sometimes small behavioural changes and interventions can tackle big problems. Behavioural science can provide a cost-effective way to better understand people’s actions and inform more effective programmes, delivering better results for children.

Our work.

Launched in 2020, the CUBIC team is focused on applying the behavioural insights approach across six countries in Asia with the ambition to scale up to a global level. The team is focused on: 
  • Reframing and testing messages on virus transmission to increase their effectiveness in Vietnam
  • Increasing positive parenting and parental interaction with young children to enhance their development in the Philippines
  • Improving postpartum care and early breastfeeding initiation to support infants and mothers’ health in Laos
  • Developing a digital COVID-19 protection planning tool to help families reduce their risk of COVID-19 infection in Indonesia
  • Increasing active and playful teaching methods by preschool teachers to enhance children’s learning in Bangladesh 
  • Encouraging handwashing in schools to prevent COVID-19 transmission and establish lifelong habits in India 
  • Ensuring enough people get vaccinated to quell the COVID-19 pandemic, using 18 strategies, detailed in The Little Jab Book, to increase uptake throughout the vaccination process.
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