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Meet Best.

14-year old Best* is from North Central Nigeria.

Girls are scared of going to schools. One of the reasons is the financial instability of the parents. They are forced to stop school and the families use the money to feed them instead. Another reason is fear of insecurity.  In Borno and northern states, they are afraid of violence and of girls being abducted.

I want to be protected from sexual abuse and harassment and all those things that hurt me emotionally and physically.

Most girls who have been abused are afraid of telling people. Mostly in the case of rape, they are afraid of the stigma and fear that they will be discriminated against. Most times people don’t listen and don’t believe the girl -- they think she’s lying.

Education is important for girls because when you train a male child you train one person. When you educate a girl, you train the whole world.

Read Best's* poems below.


Education is the key to the nation

So many discretion

So many isolation


Without education there will be malnutrition


Enables students to

So the analysis

While making life decisions

Education is important

For the personal social

And economical

Development of the nation

Education entrance good

Communication with foreign nations

Education teaches us

Our rights and obligations

Education gives our general direction


Education teaches us

To take action

Against corruption

Prostitution and discrimination

Education gives freedom and stops humiliation

Education is the foundation

To any acceptance in His great nation


Loneliness trials even a mighty lioness

If my name is written in the book of Guiness

I would be known all over the world for my loneliness

The only one I Have now

Is Sickness

The only thing that makes me Smile

is my Weakiness

In and out of me

Is filled with Goodness

But illness

Wont let it reachBrightness

What I wish is success

Am I able?

Because I feel disabled

And unable


Why am I not ready

To show the world

That I am not a Baby

I may not be wealthy

Or healthy

But am lovely


I may be sick

But am unique


I may have seizures

But I also have wisdom

I may no longer have friends

But I still maintain some

Energy to make my haters

My allergy

I may not be useful

But am truthful


I may feel foolish

But am not selfish

You may see me as a fool

But am always thoughtful

I most time love sadness

But trust me

I am trying to love

Happiness too

You may think I talk a lot

But I thinkTen times more

I cry everytime


Right now I must smile

Don’t forget I have a heart to love

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