10 May 2022 - Brussels, Syria

Brussels conference on Syria falls far short of what is required to support children in Syria and neighbouring countries


In response to the outcomes of the sixth annual Brussels Conference for Syria, Save the Children Syria Response Office Director Sonia Khush, said:

“It is with a heavy heart that it seems that, yet again, the international community has all but forgotten children in Syria and neighbouring countries who urgently need funding for their survival, learning and protection.”

“Today’s announcement of US$ 6.7 billion (6.4 billion Euros) is woefully inadequate and falls far short of what is required to support the 6.5 million children in Syria, as well as Syrian children in neighbouring countries, who are in need of assistance[i]. As the conflict enters its 12th year, 97 of the population is living below the poverty line, and more than 80% do not know where their next meal is coming from[ii]. Almost 20% of children in Syria are out of school, while a third of families say their children are showing signs of psychological distress.

“Children in Syria still need urgent funds for life-saving assistance. This should include funding for a sustainable recovery and the restoration of basic services that children rely on, such as education.  

“For Syrian refugee children in other countries, the needs are also huge. In Lebanon, 99% of Syrian households do not have enough money to buy food[iii]. Wherever they are, displaced Syrian children need a future.

“We are also disappointed by the failure to engage with Syrian civil society in the lead up to the conference, as well as timing the event just after the Eid festival that is observed by so much of the region. We strongly hope the international community commits to support, facilitate and engage in dialogue with Syrians in the follow-up to the conference.”

[iii]UNICEF: Children's future on the line2 (unicef.org)

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