15 February 2020 - Yemen

Death of 30 civilians, including children, shows conflict in Yemen is not slowing down


Earlier this week, Save the Children launched its annual Stop the War on Children report which found that 415 million children live in conflict worldwide and that wars are intensifying for children. Following reports of around 30 civilians, including children and women, being killed and dozens wounded in an air raid on a residential area in the north of Yemen, Xavier Joubert, Country Director of Save the Children in Yemen said:

“The recent flare up in of violence in the north has now led to innocent children being killed in an air raid in a residential area. These children are the latest victims in this terrible conflict which has been ravaging the lives of millions of Yemeni people for five years now, and which has claimed the lives of so many children already.”

“The war shows no signs of slowing down. Yemen is a hellish place for children. The reports of today indicate that once more explosive weapons make no distinction between fighters and civilians. This latest attack must be urgently and independently investigated, and perpetrators held to account.

“We call on all parties to the conflict to adhere to international laws and standards, and to protect children on the ground. Those who continue to sell arms to the warring parties must realise that by supplying weapons for this war, they contribute to making atrocities like today’s all too common.”



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