30 March 2019 - occupied Palestinian territory

Gaza protests: Number of children killed in protests reaches 50

Save the Children’s Regional Director, Jeremy Stoner said: 

"Save the Children is deeply concerned by emerging reports from Gaza Ministry of Health and news  that a 17-year old boy wasshot in the face and killed at the Gaza perimeter fence today. The full circumstances of the incident are not yet known." 

“At least fifty children have now been killed since the protests began a year ago today. 6,000 have so far been injured, half requiring hospital treatment, including from live ammunition, rubber bullets and tear gas."  

"21 children have had limbs amputated in the last 12 months and many more have been permanently disabled. The scars they bear today will last them for a lifetime. We fear that more children could be injured or killed today."

"We echo the UN’s call for Israel to revise to revise military rules of engagement related to the use of live ammunition against children and urge both sides to ensure the protests remain peaceful. Save the Children calls for all parties to priortise the protection of children and ensure their safety."


We have spokespeople available for interview in Gaza today:

Please contact:  antonia.roupell@savethechildren.org  Tel: +44 7855957573 


Full press release available here:



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