14 September 2023 - New York

"Generations of children at stake" ahead of SDG summit in New York

Inger with children in ukraine

Inger Ashing with at a child-friendly space supported by Save the Children in Ukraine. Photo credit: OLEKSANDR KHOMENKO/ Save the Children

UNITED NATIONS, 14 SEPTEMBER 2023 - “Generations of children at stake”: Inger Ashing, CEO of Save the Children International, who will be attending the SDG Summit, said:

“On Monday, world leaders will meet at the United Nations General Assembly to take stock of progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs. These goals have now reached their midpoint of implementation, yet barely one in 10 of their requirements are on track to be met by 2030. Time is running out.

“We need to urgently accelerate progress toward the SDGs with and for children. All State parties to the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child have an obligation to provide children with safe and meaningful opportunities to engage in decision-making on matters that impact them.

“Critically, leaders must put children’s rights front and centre of all the commitments they bring forth at the SDG Summit. As they deliberate, they must have the unique needs and priorities of children at the front of their minds. The wellbeing, livelihoods and planet of current and future generations of children is at stake.”



Inger Ashing is available in New York for interviews from Sunday. To arrange media requests please contact:



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