25 March 2020 - Afghanistan

'No child should have to experience this kind of traumatic and brutal event'


Following a suicide and armed attack on Sikh worshippers in Afghanistan on Wednesday that left many dead including at least one child, Save the Children has issued the following statement:

Timothy Bishop, Save the Children’s Afghanistan Country Director, said:

“Save the Children condemns this heinous attack on a defenceless group of civilians in the strongest possible terms. We’re hearing that many children and families were trapped inside the Sikh temple for hours as the fighting raged on. No child should have to experience this kind of traumatic and brutal event. Besides the risk of death or injury, children can be left with emotional and psychological scars for years to come.

“The UN Secretary General recently called for a global ceasefire to fight the scourge of the Coronavirus pandemic. At a time when the world should be coming together to fight COVID-19, which doesn’t differentiate between countries or religions or ideologies, we urge everyone in Afghanistan to stop the fighting now and do everything possible to protect children. 

“Afghanistan is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a child and the last few years have seen a worrying trend of increased killing and maiming of children. That is unacceptable - children have no place in war. Schools, hospitals and places of worship must always remain off-limits in conflict. It’s time to stop the war on children.”


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