20 December 2019 - Syria

Response to veto of UN Syria cross border resolution

After weeks of negotiations, Russia and China today vetoed a draft UN Security Council resolution renewing Resolution 2449 (2018) to reauthorise the UN and partners to deliver aid to Syria using border crossings not in control by the government of Syria.

The current cross-border mandate provided by Resolution 2449 (2018) runs out on 10 January 2020, leaving the UN Security Council just over two weeks to find a solution.

Kitty Arie, Global Campaigns, Advocacy and Communications Director at Save the Children said:

“As UN Member States trade accusations today instead of renewing the critical lifeline needed for Syria’s children, hundreds of thousands of people in Idlib are under intense shelling and bombardment

And following recent fighting in North East Syria, more than 75,000 people are sheltering in overstretched camps that have started flooding following heavy rains as a potentially freezing and deadly winter closes in.

“The cross-border system is the only way to reach many of these children and families with urgent humanitarian assistance including food, shelter and healthcare.

“The UN Security Council must not fail the millions of Syria’s children whose lives are at risk and dependent on humanitarian aid. Negotiations to renew the cross border mechanism’s mandate must restart urgently to allow uninterrupted humanitarian action. It is needed to save lives now more than ever.”

We stand side by side with children in the world's toughest places.