25 March 2019 - occupied Palestinian territory

Statement on rockets fired into Tel Aviv in the early hours of this morning

Save the Children’s Regional Director, Jeremy Stoner said:

'Save the Children is deeply concerned at reports of rockets fired into Israel last night, reportedly injuring seven people including three children. We urgently call on both sides to uphold the ceasefire and prevent any further injury to children in Israel or Gaza.

All children have the fundamental right to protection from conflict or harm.  All wars and conflicts are waged against children, and responsible parties must take every action necessary to protect children. The indiscriminate use of weapons in a civilian area is never acceptable.

Across southern Israel and in Gaza tonight, children will be going to bed afraid that they will be awoken in the night by missiles destroying their homes, and killing them or their families. We urge both sides to immediately come together to tackle the root causes of this conflict and agree a lasting peace deal that allows children on both sides to be protected and live in dignity.'

We stand side by side with children in the world's toughest places.