12 October 2023 - Israel, occupied Palestinian territory

STATEMENT - Save the Children CEO calls for the protection of children in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory

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Save the Children International CEO Inger Ashing:

“We are extremely concerned about the worsening situation in the occupied Palestinian territory and Israel. 

Save the Children condemns the killing of civilians – especially children – in the strongest possible terms. Children are always the most vulnerable in every conflict and must be protected. Children have the right to a life free from violence and to live in peace – no matter where they are born, or where they live. 

The number of casualties – far too many of them children – continues to rise. Kidnapping, killing and maiming. Destroying homes, hospitals and other infrastructure essential to the livelihood of children. These are all grave violations of children’s rights.

Enough is enough. We urgently call for the violence to stop. 

Emergency aid must be delivered, unimpeded. Children and their families must be allowed to seek safety. Humanitarian assistance must be scaled up to meet the demands of the crisis. Lifesaving aid must not be withheld from children.

Children must be protected. Stop the war on children.”

We stand side by side with children in the world's toughest places.