6 September 2022 - Syria

Syria: Seven children killed by landmines in two days

Save the Children statement

6 September 2022 – Four children were killed after a unexploded ordnance (UO) detonated in an abandoned apartment in Idlib, North West Syria, on Monday, Save the Children said. This follows an explosion of another landmine on farmland in Homs in which three other children were killed two days ago.

In the past four months, at least 22 people were reportedly killed, including seven children, and 29 injured, including three children, in similar landmine and UO explosions across Syria.

Beat Rohr, Acting Director for Save the Children’s Syria Response Office, said: “Landmines are seeds of death sown by adults that have their most deadly impact on children. Explosive weapons are the leading cause of casualties to children in conflict. Children suffer unique patterns of injury and are far more likely to die from blast wounds than adult conflict casualties.

“The impact of explosive weapons on children is devastating and lifelong, robbing families of their hopes and their ability to access vital services, and often profoundly altering the direction of a child’s life.

“Nearly 12 years after it started, the conflict in Syria continues to claim children’s lives and tear families apart.”

Save the Children calls on all actors to curb the use of the weapons most harmful to children and scale up efforts to reduce their impacts. It is also calling on donors to immediately increase support for mine-clearance actors as well as to awareness-raising efforts mitigating their risk on children and their families.


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