Child Rights Governance

Securing children’s rights underpins all of Save the Children’s work. By ensuring that governments fulfil children’s rights, we achieve positive outcomes for children.

The right to play, an activity vital for children’s development and wellbeing, is one of the many child rights that are not being fulfilled around the world. Lisbeth Dina Jensen/Save the Children

We are promoting change from the ground up, by engaging children, families and civil society in strengthening child rights systems. And we ensure that governments and international bodies meet their commitments to children’s rights.
Thanks to our advocacy, the government of Nepal is increasing its budget for children by a third and is establishing child welfare boards in all districts. In Zimbabwe, our pressure has led to budget increases of more than 60% for the ministries of education and health.

Following long-term lobbying by Save the Children and 80 partner organisations, children whose rights are violated can now make a complaint to the United Nations. For the first time, children have the same access to justice as adults, forcing governments to take children’s rights more seriously. In five African countries, we are developing ways of tracking national and regional government consultation and spending on child malnutrition.

We involve children in decisions that affect their lives. For example, we supported children’s groups in Nicaragua to influence local authorities, leading to a 70% increase in municipal investment for children.

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