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Children are paying the heaviest price of this war.

These past 9 months have been hell on earth for children in Gaza. They have lost homes, loved ones, the safety to which they have a right – and in many cases, their lives.

Children in Gaza are being killed by bombs and bullets at an unprecedented rate. They are dying from hunger and disease at the fastest pace on record.

On top of this, over 20,000 children are currently missing in the chaos of war. Thousands are presumed dead beneath the rubble. Others have been harmed beyond recognition by explosives, buried in unmarked or mass graves, or have been detained or abducted.

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Almost every child who has managed to survive the past 8 months of war is now in the line of fire in Rafah. 

The increased attacks and violence have now forced nearly 1 million people that were initially taking refuge in Rafah, to relocate yet again towards the Israeli-designated so-called "humanitarian zones", includingAl-Mawasi, Deir Al Balah and Khan Younis.

These areas are not humanitarian zones – they are unsafe, they do not have the infrastructure, or services needed to protect civilians. Families in Rafah have nowhere safe to go.

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More than 1 million children in Gaza are at high risk of famine.

For the children who survive the bombs and ground operations, many will die from famine, dehydration and disease if humanitarian aid continues to be weaponised. Many will also suffer from serious longer-term mental health impacts.

Families are struggling to find enough food and water, with children already dying because of malnutrition and disease. The situation has never been more desperate - 96% of the population are facing acute food shortages according to new IPC data.

While we welcome the release of some Israeli children held hostage in Gaza, all remaining hostages must be released immediately and unconditionally. Similarly, more must be done to protect Palestinian children held in Israeli military detention.

If we don't act now, history will judge us all. We need a definitive ceasefire now.

Save the Children stands side by side with children in the world's toughest places. Your donations make this support possible.

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Our response.

The situation is evolving fast and the violence continues. Our teams and partners have been working around the clock to get vital supplies to families in Gaza.

Gaza-Israel War Six Months On
How Save the Children is helping children and families in Gaza after six months of war.

Over the past 8 months, we’ve helped more than 799,010 people in the region, including 779,376 people in Gaza.

We have provided cash to families, distributed food, water and hygiene products, supported children with disabilities and injuries, provided psychosocial support for children and supported ambulances and hospitals to care for premature and newborn babies in Egypt.

We will continue to respond in this way for as long as supplies and circumstances allow.

However, immediate, unfettered and sustained access is urgently needed to enable the necessary full-scale response to the critical and rising needs faced by children and families. Time is costing lives.

We are calling for a definitive ceasefire now by all parties in this war.

Join our calls to stop the war on children and demand an immediate ceasefire.

We are there for children.

Your support is urgently needed for these children and their families.

Photo: Mohammed Zaanoun / Middle East Images / Middle East Images via AFP.