29 September 2023 - United States

The Climate Crisis: A Poem

Anuska,17, climate child activist from Nepal

Anuska, climate child activist from Nepal with Saathi the air bear at the Climate March at UNGA in New York. Save the Children

Anuska, a climate child campaigner from Nepal, pushed for urgent Climate Action to protect children's lives and futures on the margins of the UN General Assembly high-level weekwhere she was part of a delegation of three Save the Children-supported child rights advocates, which also included Maureen and Istia, from Zambia and Bangladesh respectively. 

After long days of campaigning and taking part in the Climate march, Anuska felt compelled to put her thoughts and feelings into a poem. Her powerful words are evidence that children are leading the way to a better world and it is time world leaders listen and take action!

Anuska's Poem: 


The Earth had an alluring beaty,

By the grace of God,

But these brutal humans, neglecting their duty; 

Forgive our sins, oh dear lord!


Listen to me, you all

For it shall never befall

that we fail to take a close watch

Even after assembling here for the climate march


For our nature, her beauty, together we unite

To relieve this palnet of its plight

In a worlf of hunger and pollution galore

The Earth looks upon us with uttel deplore


We raise our voices, fire in our hearts,

To quell the chaos our species impart

We don't have forever, we're meant to depart

Still on the cusp of change, we''ll mend what's torn apart


No doubt it'll be an arduous task

To prevent the Earth of its grim "cul de sac"

For now we march with indomitable spirit

And make the world a plave where hope is re-lit.



 Anuska,17, from Nepal, Maureen, 16, from Zambia, and Istia, 18, from Bangladesh, during SDG Week in NY, USA. Save the Children

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