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Help families get through this.

All over the world, coronavirus is tearing children’s lives apart.

This is the biggest global health, social and economic crisis of our lifetime. Together, we must act now to stop the devastating impact of COVID-19 on the world’s most vulnerable children.

Save the Children has launched a $100 million appeal - the biggest appeal in our 100-year history – to protect children no matter where they live. And to protect every child's right to learn, we've launched the Save our Education campaign.

Together, we can help children and their families get through this, both in our own communities and around the world.

We urgently need your support. Please give to our coronavirus emergency appeal.

The impact on children.

Coronavirus has had devastating consequences for children and their rights, widening inequalities between rich and poor, boys and girls.

As the virus stretches health systems to their limits, children are missing out on life-saving health and nutrition services.

The pandemic is leaving countless children without caregivers, out of school and in danger. Children and families least able to cope are being hit hardest.

Over 1.5 billion children have had their education disrupted. Children who live in poverty, refugee camps and conflict zones may never return to school – especially girls who are now at risk from early pregnancy or child marriage. And as poverty deepens, children out-of-school may be forced to work to make ends meet. This is the biggest education emergency of our lifetime.

In the largest study of its kind, our #ProtectAGeneration report brings together the voices and COVID-19 experiences of over 25,000 children, parents and caregivers from across the world.

Read the #ProtectAGeneration report.

Our response.

Our teams have rapidly adapted and are working round-the-clock to keep children safe, healthy and in school across 87 countries, reaching nearly 8 million children. 

In Cox’s Bazar, the world’s largest refugee camp, we have opened a new Isolation Treatment Centre to care for vulnerable children and families affected by COVID-19. And in Ethiopia, we are operating a camel library, which means that children in remote locations can keep learning throughout the pandemic. The 21 camels can carry 200 storybooks at a time, and they are currently supporting 22,000 children across 33 villages.

Globally, 2.9 million children have been supported with distance learning due to school closures and 90,000 children with disabilities have been supported with to access to learning. Nearly 800,000 households now have access to safe water and facilities for handwashing with soap, while 95,000 community health workers have been supported or trained. In recent months there has been significant increases in support in Malawi, India, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Mozambique and Nigeria. 

Save the Children's Agenda for Action and Save our Education campaign puts pressure on governments and world leaders to #ProtectAGeneration from the worst impacts of coronavirus. Our shared humanity demands a global coordinated response on an unprecedented scale. This is a time for leadership and collaboration by governments, financial institutions, private companies, the UN and organisations like Save the Children.

Please donate to our Coronavirus Emergency Appeal.