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Dangerous delay 2: The cost of inaction.

In 2022, no child should be hungry.

Yet in all regions of the world, there are millions of families having to make difficult choices to ensure they have enough to eat. Conflict, COVID-19 and the climate crisis are driving hunger around the world. The global impact of the crisis in Ukraine has pushed food prices to skyrocket. These factors are pushing millions of children, and their families, to the verge of starvation. 

Thousands face a severe lack of food. Millions are skipping meals. The time to act is now. Donate today.

In food crises like this one, children are always the most vulnerable. Without enough to eat children can’t develop as they should and they are at a high risk of acute malnutrition.  

If we wait until a famine is declared, it will be too late. We urgently need the funds to avert this crisis from worsening and preventing more countries falling deeper into disaster.

Donate today to save children's lives

The situation in East Africa is alarming.

Imagine going from three meals a day, to one or none. That is the reality for many children and their families in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya.  Despite warnings over the past two years, the Horn of Africa is now in a profound hunger crisis.

Every day, millions of children across East Africa go to bed hungry.  A deadly combination of conflict, COVID-19 and the climate crisis has pushed 23 million people across the region to extreme hunger. That’s more than the population of Denmark, Norway and Sweden combined. Half a million of them are already starving. Nearly 3 million children are facing severe malnutrition.  

Across Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia, one person is likely to die every 48 seconds from acute hunger. Oxfam and Save the Children’s latest report 'Dangerous Delay 2; The Cost of Inaction' finds that the world is once again failing to avert catastrophic hunger. This needs to change. Read the report on Dangerous Delay 2: The Cost of Inaction.

Despite progress made by local groups and national governments, the scale of the crisis now requires huge effort from donors, governments and aid agencies. Donate now to save children’s lives.

What we’re calling for:.

Starvation is a political failure. Hunger is preventable if we act now. To save lives, Save the Children and Oxfam are calling for:

  • Governments and warring parties must end conflict now and all arms sales that fuel conflict. 
  • G7 and world leaders must immediately meet the $4.4 billion appeal for Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia. They must ensure funding is flexible so it can be used where the need is greatest.
  • Donors must guarantee that at least 25% of funds go to local and national organisations at the forefront of the response to the hunger crisis.
  • Governments of Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia must scale-up social protection to help people cope with shocks including but not exclusive to conflict, covid-19 and the climate crisis.
  • Rich, polluting nations must pay East Africa for its climate loss and damage. They must also cancel 2021-2022 debts for those countries, to allow those resources to support families to mitigate and adapt to climate shocks. Read more...

Join us now to fight against the global hunger crisis. Be part of a community that stands with the world’s most vulnerable children.

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