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Meet Purity.

14-year old Purity is from North Central Nigeria.

Some of the menaces happening to children in Nigeria are early marriage, gender discrimination, child trafficking and child abuse like rape.

One of the abuses  early marriage  affects all girls, leaving a generation behind. Early marriage not only has a negative impact on the lives of girls but also the nation as a whole.

Sometimes parents are scared of sending children to school because they don’t feel safe and so they think it’s better for girls to be at home or working to support them. I have seen girls affected by early marriage and I try to ask why.

They say they don’t have a choice.

I know I will go to school and finish my education. I’d like to be a medical doctor and be a voice for the voiceless girls.

I want a country where girls’ voices will be heard, where girls can reach their full potential and become future leaders and help eradicate the menaces.

Read Purity's poem below.

Education is a food for all.

Education is a food for all

Where everyone wish and want to eat from

Education is a food that feeds all

Trying to feed all when they are hungry

Education is an energy giving food that gives us strength to fight for our rights

Just like rice

Of course everyone loves and cherishes food

So we should all love and cherish education


Poor people always ask some questions

What does the future hold for us

What it has to offer

Will I ever come out from this pit of poverty

Even when I think there can be a diversity that can satisfy my curiosity

Can I reduce the rate of mortality

Even in high intensity

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