9 April 2020 - Yemen

Response to Saudi-led coalition announcement of unilateral ceasefire in Yemen

Abed*, 11, plays outside his home in North-West Yemen.

At midnight in Yemen / 10pm BST the Saudi-led coalition announced a unilateral nationwide ceasefire in Yemen, effective for two weeks from Thursday. At time of writing Ansar Allah are yet to indicate their support. Please find below a response for immediate release in your markets:

Xavier Joubert, Country Director for Save the Children in Yemen, said:

"A ceasefire would be a huge step towards finally bringing safety to millions of children and families in Yemen after five years of brutal conflict. But attempts to de-escalate two weeks ago failed when violence escalated almost immediately, killing and injuring scores of civilians – including children.

“With the threat of coronavirus growing every day, it is now more crucial than ever for all sides to implement a ceasefire so health workers and the humanitarian community can prepare for what would be a devastating outbreak in a country where only half of health facilities are still functioning.

“We also call on parties to the conflict to go back to the negotiating table to achieve lasting peace and finally put an end to the suffering of Yemeni children.” 


For more information or spokespeople please contact Joelle Bassoul in Lebanon; Joelle.Bassoul@savethechildren.org / +961 81 600 696 or Randa Ghazy in the UK: r.ghazy@Savethechildren.org.uk / +44 7429 980655.

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