23 December 2022 - Afghanistan


Girls in a community school set by Save the Children in Afghanistan


23 December, 2022 -- The Taliban tightened restrictions on girls' education above grade six in Afghanistan yesterday, suspending all remaining private schooling for girls and clamping down on schools in provinces which have, until now, remained open for girls above grade six.  

In response to the announcement, Nora Hassanien, Acting Country Director for Save the Children in Afghanistan, said:  


"News of even tighter restrictions on girls’ education above grade six is evidence that the crisis in Afghanistan is getting worse, not better. The announcement from the de facto authorities yesterday is devastating, crushing the hopes and dreams of girls across the country. There is nowhere in the world where women and girls’ access to education is limited in the way it is in Afghanistan.  

"Education is essential for women to take up key positions such as teachers, doctors, engineers, lawyers and many other professions, including aid workers, that are so desperately needed across the country. Without female professionals, girls and women will find it even more difficult to access vital services like healthcare. 

"The consequences of this decision will be long-lasting and severe for girls especially, but also for Afghanistan as a whole. We urge the authorities to immediately reverse yesterday's announcement and the existing ban on girls' education, as well as the recent ban on university education for women." 


The news followed an earlier announcement that universities in Afghanistan will be closed to women. On behalf of 183 national and international NGO member organizations operating in Afghanistan, including Save the Children, the Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief and Development (ACBAR) condemned the announcement in a statement released yesterday

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