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Thursday 31 August 2017

Save the Children plugs the data gap on early learning and development

Thursday 31 August 2017

1.8 million children out of school as South Asia floods put long-term education at risk

At least 18,000 schools have been damaged or destroyed by South Asia’s worst flooding in years, which is putting children’s education and long-term well-being at risk, warns Save the Children.
Thousands more schools have been used as evacuation centres and about 1.8 million children cannot go to class as flooding continues to ravage large swathes of Bangladesh, Nepal and India’s northeast. The regional death toll now stands at over 1,200 with more than 40 million people affected.

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Tuesday 29 August 2017

Save the Children responds urgently to child victims of Hurricane Harvey with Child-Friendly Spaces in shelters, essential items


San Antonio, TX – Tornadoes, lightning, heavy rain and flash floods related to Hurricane Harvey continue to put millions at risk, including nearly three million children.


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Monday 28 August 2017

‘There's no childhood anymore’ Raqqa’s children haunted by bombs and beheadings

Children escaping the Syrian city of Raqqa have told Save the Children about the trauma of living under ISIS and more recently, the military campaign to retake the city.

Children described a life of unthinkable brutality, having witnessed executions and explosions at close quarters over several years. Beheadings and bombs have become a part of normal life for Raqqa’s children. The charity warns the psychological scars they carry could take years, even decades, to heal.

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Friday 25 August 2017

Bangladesh's 'unnecessary' C-section boom costing patients $315million per year: new analysis

New figures released by Save the Children reveal the startling cost of Bangladesh's C-section boom, which has seen a six-fold increase in caesarean births since 2004. Key findings of the analysis include:

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